Kiteghe is the smallest of our original cluster of partner schools, with an enrolment of just under 250 pupils.

Our work at Kiteghe has been limited compared to elsewhere as the school was just a couple of years old and in relatively good shape when we took it on as one of our original five partner schools in 2008.

The story so far

When we arrived on the scene in 2008 we found a school that had only recently been rebuilt by another development organisation. However at the time it consisted only of eight basic classrooms, a nursery school and an office and staffroom block. In the early years our infrastructure work at Kiteghe was therefore limited to construction of a library, our signature project at the time, a kitchen, and installation of some rainwater harvesting facilities.

We introduced our feeding programme here in January 2014 and for a time in 2016 trialled a breakfast club which we ultimately decided we would not be able to extend to our other partner schools and therefore discontinued.

We started funding one extra teaching position here in September 2015 and took on a second position at the start of 2017.




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Feeding programme



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Electricity supply

Plans for the future

As the years have passed, parts of the original school – which was not built to a high standard – have fallen into a poor state and now look old and tired compared to the work that we ourselves have done at Kiteghe and elsehwere. In response we have recently upgraded and extended the nursery school, including a new block of toilets for the nursery pupils, whilst in November 2017 we started work on a major programme of works to upgrade the rest of the original school.

These works, coupled with the construction of a dining hall and teachers housing in due course, will give the school a distinctively AP look and feel, and we are excited about what the future holds for Kiteghe, which has consistently been one of the best performing schools in the region.

We would like to thank the following donors and funders for their support of our work at Kiteghe.

Our activities at Kiteghe have been made possible largely because of the fantastic support we have received from our charity ambassador, Suzanne Payne, who has raised more than £25,000 towards projects at the school over the last few years through her project Baskets4Bread.




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