Jora Primary is our oldest and founding partner school and it was here where we undertook our first ever project in 2006/07.

For this reason, Jora will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially as all members our small team (including our founder when he is in Kenya) live within the village. The school has come along way in the years that we have worked here, although progress has been slower than at some of our more recent partner schools.

The story so far

Our relationship with Jora goes back further than that of any of our other partner schools. It was here that our founder spent six months back in 2006/07 lliving and working in the community overseeing the redevelopment of the school, which included the construction of a library (the first dedicated library at any public primary school in the region) and a staffroom/office block, together with major renovations to the classrooms.

That project became the inspiration for African Promise, which was born a year or so later. Since then we have undertaken a number of further improvements to the facilities at Jora, including the construction, in 2015, of our inaugural staff house. It was also at Jora that we piloted our lunch programme, which was launched here in September 2013. Jora was also one of the first schools to receive funds from us to employ additional teachers and we have funded one teaching position here since January 2014 and a second, and our seventeenth across all our partner schools, since September 2017.





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Plans for the future

Although Jora is our oldest partner school that does not necessarily equate to it being the school where we have done the most or indeed the best work. In some ways, Jora is unfortunate for having been our original partner school as the standard of our work has come on a long way in the last 10 years since we’ve completed most of the works at Jora.

There are some improvements to be made on buildings and facilities that we built nearly 10 years ago, as well as additional facilities that need to be constructed, such as a dining hall, to give the school the hallmarks of being an AP partner school. We plan to undertake these works in the months and years to come as-and-when funds are available.