We partner with a network of eight public primary schools in the isolated rural community of Kasigau in south-east Kenya.

 This network is made up of an original cluster of five schools that we have supported for a decade or more, along with a further three that we have extended our work into over recent years. Together these schools serve a total of around 3,000 children from the surrounding communities however they vary in size dramatically, with pupil rolls ranging from a low of around 100 to a high of more than 600.

Featured partner school profiles

Our other partner schools

Bungule Primary School
Jora Primary School
Makwasinyi Primary School
Mkamenyi Primary School*
Rukanga Primary School

*Mkamenyi Primary is our newest partner school. Please click here to find out more about our on-going £250,000 redevelopment of the school and how you can support it. 

Where we work

The Kasigau community sits amongst semi-arid bushland in a wildlife corridor between the eastern and western parts of Tsavo National Park. From its most northerly point on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, the Kasigau region encompasses about fifteen villages that straddle a dirt road running 35km south towards the distinctive mountain that rises spectacularly from the plains and lends its name to the area.

Five of our partner schools (the original cluster) can be found in villages circling the foothills of the mountain, with the others out amongst the bush and farmland or closer towards the main highway, away from the mountain.