In normal times, we fund the salaries of 17 much-needed additional teachers across our partner schools at a cost of £1,700 per month. Funds collected from parents and donated by other partners pay for around 50 other teachers and support staff, including cooks and watchmen.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, which has forced schools in Kenya to close and left them unable to collect these financial contributions from parents, our partner schools face a cash crisis. Without this funding from parents, the livelihoods of around 50 teachers and other members of staff are at risk.

We cannot let this happen and so for the duration of school closures, African Promise has agreed to contribute monthly cash grants of £2,100 to ensure that all our partner schools have guaranteed funding to be able to pay teacher and support staff salaries.

All staff except watchmen, who continue to report for duty, have accepted a temporary 50% pay cut but, without our funding, schools would simply not have the resources to continue paying salaries – even at these reduced levels – and these dedicated staff would go unpaid at the very time that they need their salaries the most.

Stand with our partner schools and their staff during the Covid crisis

Please stand with our partner schools and help us protect the livelihoods of these staff, allowing them to continue to provide for themselves and their families during the Covid crisis.


Those based in the US or Europe can donate in $ or Euros to this project by credit/debit card or PayPal through our partners GlobalGiving.


Kenyan citizens can donate to this project via MPesa to paybill 891300, account number GG47559.

Frequently asked questions

We will provide these emergency cash grants for at least the duration of school closures. Schools are currently slated to reopen at the beginning of September. However we are ready and willing to increase our contribution further still so that salaries can return to pre-Covid levels as soon as teachers and staff return to work.

Funds from African Promise are given in cash to the school administration – either to the headteacher, secretary or member of the school management board. These funds are then handed-over to individual staff members in cash (if they live in the local community) or by MPesa (mobile money) to those that have travelled far to home whilst schools are closed.

Those staff that are paid in cash are required to sign a payment voucher confirming they have received their salary, a copy of which is then forwarded to our office. We are sent transaction receipts for mobile money payments with the name of the recipient which must match our records.