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Donations from charitable trusts and foundations are our lifeblood. Without them very few of our projects and programmes would become a reality.

Each year we receive tens of thousands of pounds in donations from trusts and foundations. They support us because they share our belief in the importance of a good quality education and want to support a small charity where their donation – no matter what size – can have a significant impact.

How your donation could make a difference

There are a wide range of partnership possibilities with African Promise, from supporting a single project in one school, to providing multi-year funding for a programme across all our partner schools. We could even work together on the upgrade of an entirely new partner school.

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could build and furnish a safe and spacious high-quality classroom

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could provide 3,000 children with a daily lunch for one year

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could extensively upgrade and expand an entire school

Here are some examples of our existing partnerships…

Hazel’s Footprints Trust first supported our work when we approached them for a small donation for an electrification project which ultimately turned into a much larger grant towards the redevelopment of Kisimenyi Primary School. Impressed by what we had achieved there, the Trustees came back to us in 2013 when they were looking for a trusted and reliable charity working on the ground with whom they could partner on a major school building project. Together with their funding and our expertise and knowledge, we partnered on a major £110,000 project to rebuild Ngambenyi Primary School, our seventh partner school, which was successfully completed (if slightly over budget!) in 2016.

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Find out more about Hazel’s Footprints Trust

Kids4Kenya is a 501c3 registered US charity, based in the Towson area of Baltimore, which was set up in 2009 explicity to raise funds to support our work. As its name suggests, Kids4Kenya is run by a committee of high school kids, overseen by an adults committee which includes the organisations founder, Peter Teuten, and his daughter, and past kids committee President, Georgie Teuten. Over the last nearly 10 years, Kids4Kenya has channelled nearly £40,000 to African Promise, which has been raised from donations and community fundraising activites. The kids committee is currently headed up by 16-year-old Astri Doub, who has exciting plans for Kids4Kenya going forward.

Find out more about Kids4Kenya

Interested in partnering with us?

If you represent a trust or foundation that also shares our vision and would like to find out more about our work then please get in touch with us by email at or on +44(0)20 7193 2137

View our latest accounts

We’d like to thank the following trusts and foundations for their support of our work over the last 15 years.

Hazel’s Footprints Trust | John Coldman Charitable Trust | Herrod Foundation | Equitable Charitable Trust | Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity | Moshi Foundation | AV Foundation | Marr-Munning Trust | Saga Charitable Trust | Molitor Charitable Trust | Open Gate Trust | Educational & General Charitable Trust | Souter Charitable Trust | Ratanben Zaverchand Kara (RZK) Foundation

British & Foreign School Society | Kitchen Table Charities Trust | Thomas Cook Children’s Charity | Jackson Foundation | Van Neste Foundation | PF Charitable Trust | Chily Foundation | Chalk Cliff Trust | Meeting Needs | Dragon Charity Sale | Reed Foundation | Helen Hamlyn Trust | CB & HH Taylor 1984 Trust | Tula Trust | Sterry Family Foundation | Gilchrist Educational Trust | Alchemy Foundation | Miss J K Stirrup Charity Trust | Hugh Symons Charitable Trust | Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation | Geoff Herrington Foundation

Sir James Roll Charitable Trust | W F Southall Trust | One World Group Oxted | Hasluck Charitable Trust | Enid Blyton Trust for Children | P & FW Family Charitable Trust | Sir Derek Greenaway Foundation | Tory Family Foundation | Sydney E Franklin Deceased Charity | N Smith Charitable Settlement | Hinton Trust | Aylesford Family Trust | Roger Vere Foundation | Raymond Oppenheimer Trust | North South Development Trust | Matthew Hodder Charitable Trust | Ian Askew Charitable Trust | CBD Charitable Trust | Bower Trust | Ann & Christopher Fielden Charitable Trust | Austin Bailey Foundation | Rest Harrow Trust | Armstrong Foundation | Ernest Ingham Charitable Trust | The Oakdale Trust | St James’s Place Charitable Foundation | Strathspey Charitable Trust | Laila Salehzehi Charitable Foundation | St Mark’s Overseas Aid Trust (SMOAT) | Pat Newman Memorial Trust