Project update (October 2016)

pupils at mombasa airport on an educational tour

So far, 2016 is living up to its promise as an exciting and landmark year for African Promise.

We are set to complete a major redevelopment of our seventh partner school at Ngambenyi in the next two weeks, bringing to an end a 15-month long project which has seen us comprehensively upgrade the school. Meanwhile we have building projects on-going or due to begin imminently in four of our other six partner schools. This includes the extension and upgrade of two pre-school units as well as the construction of two primary classrooms, a five unit teachers house and a modern kitchen with energy saving stoves at one of the two schools currently without such a facility.


“I visited Ngambenyi late this week and it was amazing! Nobody expected that the school would be transformed this much. I believe it will make a big change to the pupils…they had suffered so much before.”

Mercy Marigo, former volunteer teacher at Ngambenyi Primary


Our feeding programme has expanded with the extension of the lunch programme to the 130 pupils at Ngambenyi and the launch of a Breakfast Club at Kiteghe Primary. All-in-all we now provide a daily breakfast of nutritious fortified porridge to around 30 of the most disadvantaged pupils, and a daily lunch of hearty maize (or rice) and beans to the more than 2,500 children across our partner schools.

In August we sent 100 pupils from two schools on a two-day educational tour to the coastal city of Mombasa to visit sites of historic and cultural interest, as well as the airport and the beach! These trips are intended to inspire the children, many of whom would not get the opportunity to visit areas outside of the isolated communities in which they live. Indeed at least four students returned from this trip proclaiming that they now have ambitions of working in an airport or being a pilot!

We are laying pathways to connect the various new facilities at Ngambenyi.
The Kiteghe nursery school is being upgraded and extended.