Pupils celebrate new toilets at Kiteghe Primary

More than 200 pupils at Kiteghe Primary are celebrating the opening of new toilets at their school, thanks to African Promise and our supporters.

The existing sanitation facilities at the school, which pre-dated African Promise’s relationship with Kiteghe, had been in an unsatisfactory condition for some time but the decision of the Public Health Officer last year to declare the boys’ toilets unsafe had accelerated the need for new facilities.

Thanks to a generous donation from a friend of our ambassador and long-time supporter of Kiteghe, Suzanne Payne, as well as funds from our own resources, we have been able to construct a block of seven toilets, urinal and a washroom for the girls.

We are now in the process of constructing a hand-washing station to complement the new toilet facilities. This will be fed with water from the recently upgraded and expanded rainwater harvesting and storage system.