Kiteghe is the smallest of our original cluster of partner schools, with an enrolment of just under 250 pupils.

Unlike most of our partner schools, Kiteghe Primary had only recently been rebuilt by another organisation when we arrived on the scene and was in relatively good shape when we took it on as one of our original five partner schools in 2008 so until recently our work here had been limited compared to that we have undertaken elsewhere.

As the years have passed, parts of the original school – which was not built to a high standard – were beginning to look old and tired compared to the work that we ourselves have done at Kiteghe and elsewhere. In response, in 2015 we embarked on an extensive project to upgrade and remodel much of the original school. Whilst this project is still on-going as of January 2021, the works have already transformed the school’s appearance, giving it a distinctively ‘AP look and feel’ and creating a very calm and inviting environment in which to learn and work.

These works, coupled with other projects which remain in the pipeline, are creating a bright new future for the school which is already consistently one of the best performing schools in the region.


We would like to thank the following donors and funders for their support of our work at Kiteghe.




Carrie Schalter & friends
Sandy Bushnell & family