Ngambenyi is our latest and smallest partner school with an enrolment of just over 130 pupils across nursery and primary classes.

The school sits in a vast expanse of farmland a couple of kilometres away from the foothills of Mt Kasigau. It was founded by the local community in 2007 but they had struggled to build a very basic facility by the time it became our seventh partner school in 2015. Our work at Ngambenyi since then has transformed the school beyond recognition.

The story so far

Ngambenyi became our seventh partner school in June 2015 when work started on a major £110,000 project to redevelop the entire school site and complete the work that the community had started. Over the course of the next 18 months of building work no part of the existing school was left untouched as we set about creating a school that has ultimately set a new standard for our school redevelopments.

Since completion of the building works we have also reinstated and repaired a solar power system to provide lighting for a handful of classrooms and the offices/staffroom as well as power for the computer/resource room. We have also provided hundreds of desks and chairs for the classrooms, furniture for the library as well as almost 1,500 textbooks and reading books.

We extended our lunch programme to the school from September 2016, once the new kitchen was operational, and since January 2017 we have funded the salaries of two teachers.


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Plans for the future

 Given the extent of the works we have already undertaken at Ngambenyi and the advanced state of the school there is relatively little to do here compared to our other partner schools, although we were not able to include any teacher housing in the initial redevelopment.

As-and-when funds allow we would also like to add to the 40,000 litres of rainwater storage capacity and extend the power supply into the rest of the classrooms.

We would like to thank Hazel’s Footprints Trust for their support of the redevelopment of Ngambenyi.

In 2013 we were approached by the Trust as they were looking for an on the ground partner to help them build a school. Having previously funded smaller projects at our other partner schools they recognised our expertise and reputation in this area and asked us to identify a school that was in need of significant investment. That school was Ngambenyi.


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 Hazel’s Footprints was established in 2004 in memory of Hazel Scott Aiton whose death in a car accident that year left an unfillable hole in the lives of everybody who knew and loved her. In 2002, Hazel had spent a challenging and rewarding Gap Year in Namibia teaching at the Otjikondo Village School. Whilst there, she saw first-hand what an enormous difference dedicated people can make to the lives of others. She dreamed of building a school for disadvantaged children and we are delighted to have played a part in making that dream a reality.