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Our school feeding programme provides a free daily lunch to around 2,500 children across our seven partner primary schools and beyond. Without this meal, many of these children would go through the school day without any food, severely impacting on both their well-being and their learning.

The problem

Many children arrive at school having had little or no breakfast. Without a lunch at school some children would choose to stay at home, while those at school would go through the day learning on an empty stomach or be forced to walk home at lunchtime in the hope of finding a meal.

Our solution

Our feeding programme provides our partner schools with the foodstuffs to serve a daily term-time lunch to each and every pupil. It is a basic but nutritious meal of maize/rice and beans, however for many of these children, it is often their only guaranteed meal of the day.

The impact

By providing a daily lunch to children in school we remove hunger as a barrier to learning. An active feeding programme encourages pupils to attend school in the first place and then keeps them there throughout the day. The programme also provides health and educational benefits to these vulnerable and impoverished children by helping to keep minds and bodies fuelled for productive and successful learning, allowing them to focus on their education rather than their empty stomach.

Help us remove hunger as a barrier to learning

With 2,500 mouths to feed for almost 200 days a year, our feeding programme is a significant financial undertaking, and although we can provide a meal for as little as 8 pence, the total cost amounts to around £35,000 per year, depending on food prices. Please help us remove hunger as a barrier to learning by supporting this programme today.

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provides two pupils with a daily term-time lunch each month



provides one pupil with a daily term-time lunch for a whole year



funds delivery of our lunch programme for 3,000 children for one day

Frequently asked questions

Nursery pupils are given a meal of rice and beans, primary pupils a meal of whole maize and beans. This food is prepared on-site by cooks employed by the parents in kitchens we have built. Every month we supply each school with sacks of rice, beans and maize which we purchase from a wholesaler in the nearest town.

We launched the lunch programme in a single partner school of 330 pupils in September 2013. The programme has been steadily expanded in the years since and 2016 was the first full school year in which all pupils from our partner schools received a daily lunch for the entire year (apart from those pupils at our newest partner school, Ngambenyi, where we started the programme in September 2016). To date we have provided more than 2.5 million meals.

We would like to thank the following donors and funders for their historic and/or recent support of this programme.