Marathon Man

marathon man

Meet Jerad, our first EVER London Marathon runner! Not content with running 26.2 miles the once though, Jerad is doubling up the challenge by running the Manchester Marathon just a fortnight before. We caught up with Jerad and spoke to him about his inspirations for running for African Promise as well as his hopes for his ambitious challenge…

African Promise (AP): So, Jerad, can you tell us how you found out about African Promise and why you decided to take up this challenge for us?

Jerad Leigh (JL): I have worked previously with organisations building schools in Tanzania and have seen first-hand the impact that the work of organisations like African Promise can have in rural communities. I found out about African Promise through a work colleague (sister to the Director of African Promise) and hearing about the charity’s work in Kenya was inspiring. It is very humbling to think about the vast discrepancy in quality of life Kenyan school children have compared to that we are fortunate to have in the West.

AP: Is this the first time you have run a marathon?

JL: I am quite a keen runner and have run the London Marathon once before, but this is the first time I have the added goal of raising money for a good cause.

AP: Why two marathons? 26.2 miles just the once is more than enough for us!

JL: Since I am the only runner for African Promise I wanted to add another level to the challenge to encourage my friends, family and work colleagues to donate more to the cause! I have taken up my own place in the Manchester Marathon so my goal will be to complete two marathons in 14 days.

AP: Have you set yourself a target for your challenge?

JL: I am hoping to raise £2,000. My employers will also kindly match what I raise, up to a maximum of £500. In terms of the marathons themselves, my main goal is just to complete them both with my legs and knees in one piece!

We are so pleased to have Jerad’s support and grateful that he is putting his body on the line in support of our partner schools and their pupils.

Why not show your support for his fantastic efforts by making a donation to his online fundraising page at